Deep Fried Menu ​                                                  Price

Cheese Curds                                                             $6

Jalapeno Cheese Curds                                            $6

Beer Battered Fries                                                     $4

Corn Dogs                                                                   $4

Funnel Cakes                                                              $5

Mini Donuts                                                                  $5

Grilled Items

Brat                                                                              $4

Hamburger                                                                 $5

Pulled Pork                                                                  $6

Chicken Sandwich                                                    $6

Gyros                                                                           $9

Chicken Pita                                                               $9


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade                                      $5

Roasted Corn                                                             $3

Nachos                                                                       $4

Ice Cream                                                                  $4          

Our Favorite Event Menu

Event Planning

All Star Catering provides full event and catering consultation for event planners and event sponsors. From planning your event site and logistics to event accounting forms, we can also help planners with just about every aspect of your event services which means less stress on your staff, allowing more focus on the management and growth of your event. All Star Catering has well experienced on site management and operations staff, as well as substantial equipment to handle the largest of shows or company picnic. We custom design your menu to fit your needs. 


All Star Catering will design your menu to meet your needs. We can do theme foods like Italian or Mexican and picnic foods (grilled chicken, brats, burgers). We offer numerous salads to your favorite fair food (cheese curds, corn dogs, and french fries). We also offer novelty items like roasted corn on the cob, gyros, mini donuts and ice cream.